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Joerg Schweizer
Joerg Schweizer
Pierre Wolf
Pierre Wolf

About Accent Capital

Experience in the public markets for over 30 years

Founded 2003 by Joerg Schweizer in Munich, Germany Accent Capital invests in Public and Private companies via Private Placements or in the open market. Having a background in German financial media and stock brokerage Accent uses it's long term relationships to seclect investments in fast growing companies and uses his experience in Europe for the benefit of the investment.

  • Feature

    Accent invests just in companies which are either already public or will go public soon

  • People

    The founder and/or CEO is the key for Accent to get involved

  • Growth

    Rapid growth with a unique story is very appealing

  • Europe

    Investments where Accent can contribute value to are preferred


Accent invested and worked with Osisko Mining from 2004 (Marketcap: $3M) till 2012 (Marketcap: $3B)

First Majestic

Accent invested and worked with First Majestic and First Mining since 2005, both founded by Keith Neumeyer

K92 Mining

Accent invested and works with K92 Mining, a near term gold producer, since 2014


Accent invested and works with Goldmoney (formerly Bitgold) since inception

Our Focus


Precious Metals